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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you carry out face to face sessions?


A. No, all my treatment sessions are online using Zoom. I’ve found these online Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions to be just as effective in achieving outcomes as face to face sessions.


Q.  What are the steps before my first therapy session?


A.  I always like to have a 15-20 minute chat by phone or via a free mini-Zoom session first. This gives you an opportunity to tell me why you’re looking for therapy and for me to ask you some questions. This helps make sure that the therapies I offer are suitable for you.


If we arrange a therapy session, I’ll email you the forms that I need you to complete. I’ll also send you the Zoom invitation for the session.


Q. How long does a session last?


A. Between  1hr and 1.25hrs


Q.  How much does a session cost?


A.  £75.00


 Payment to be made by bank transfer. Full payment details will be on the forms I ask you to complete before your first session.


Q. How many sessions will I need?


A. It will depend on the issue(s) you are looking for help with.  After each session I will check how you want to proceed and the frequency of sessions will be discussed as part of your therapy plan.


Q. Can everyone be hypnotised?


A.  Generally, yes. There are exceptions when it’s not an appropriate means of treatment.  As a fully qualified hypnotherapist that’s why I ask specific medical questions. Working safely is paramount to me and my professional organisations’ codes of ethics.



Hope these questions have helped you. Please click here to contact me if you’ve any further questions.




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