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Self-care v  Self-sabotage.  Where are you?


  • What does Self-care mean to you?

  • Do you often feel stressed and anxious?

  • Do you frequently put other’s needs in front of yours?

  •  Is relaxation only for holidays?


Would you like to learn how to make changes so that you are better equipped to tackle life’s challenges? Then come and join me on the morning of Thursday 9 November for an in person workshop in Edinburgh.


Life is always full of challenges and when you are balancing home and work life, and caring for others, you can often find yourself at the end of the queue.


I’ll teach you tools and techniques to enable you:


  • To put yourself first

  • To understand the importance of the balance of mind and body

  • To have options on reclaiming choice and control in your life.


I’m so looking forward to sharing with you a lot of information, tips and techniques to enable you to improve your wellbeing.


If we don’t look after ourselves our health won’t be at its best. Our moods dip and we can build up frustration and resentment. Habits can fall into the unhelpful and unhealthy categories. It can feel like we are on a never ending hamster wheel.


What content will be included in this workshop:


  • What really are Self-care and Self-sabotage? Why are they important?


  • The Trilogy that is, Anxiety, Stress and Relaxation! Can they be influenced and modified?


  • Various exercises to get you thinking about where you are and where you want to be.


  • Memory aides to keep your learning fresh and relevant


  • Laughs- a key therapy of life.


  • Tea, Coffee and cake – another vital element for life’s recipe!


Extra post Event: a personal 1:1 online session with me for 30 mins. Times to be arranged.


Where, When, and Cost


Charwood Restaurant and Bar. The Balfour Room . 47 Buckstone Terrace, Edinburgh EH10 6QJ

Free private car park. Close to city bypass and on bus routes


10.30- 13.00 Thur 9 November 2023.


Cost £55+ Eventbrite booking fee. This includes your 30 min 1:1 session post event, all materials and refreshments and cake!


Click here for how to book


I hope you will join me and have a morning of time devoted to you with  “AH HA!!” moments and a wellbeing path to start and build.


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