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Unlock the changes you want to make.
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Clinical and Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Talking therapies to help you discover and find solutions to a variety of life’s issues. 


Do you want to attend a well-being workshop without having to travel from your home or workplace? Opportunities to experience learning in an informal and comfortable setting to gain many beneficial tips for you to incorporate into your life. 

Blog Post

Welcome to Fiona Laing Therapies online magazine column!

Therapy Sessions


  • Are you experiencing issues that are stopping you moving forward and enjoying life?


  • Do you feel stuck in a pattern of the same old thoughts and behaviours?


  • Do you struggle to relax?


  • Do you feel frustrated and have low moods?


  • Are you more anxious than you used to be? Totally understandable with what we have all had to cope with during the pandemic and the uncertainty of the future.


  • Have you ever thought, “It’s just stress and everyone gets that don’t they? What’s the big deal, I can manage it”- or can you?


If you’re feeling life’s not in balance or how you want it to be, my online therapy sessions can help you address your problems and find a way forward.



What can I do to help?


I use Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy to help you make emotional shifts to achieve the changes and goals you want.


  • I’ll help you reframe your mindset and develop skills that are transferable through your life - a way of building your own self-help toolbox.


  • I’ll help you feel at ease as quickly as I can and help you achieve your best outcomes.  I know how difficult taking that first step in therapy can be - I’ve been there!


  • I’ve a strong belief in the mind/body connection and work holistically, bringing together all my skills and expertise to offer you bespoke sessions.


If you feel you’re at a point in life where you want to:


  • take back control

  • move forward in life

  • move away from anxiety and stress

  • achieve what you have always wanted


        then I would love to hear from you.

Phone 07495278811



About Me

Let me introduce myself. I’m Fiona Laing, a self-employed therapist based in Edinburgh and have over 20 years’ experience.


I specialise in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy and until 2020 also in Remedial Massage.


As well as working 1:1, I’ve been a lead tutor for the massage school I trained with and run my own well-being workshops.  Prior to my complementary therapy career, I was a corporate trainer.


Helping and supporting people has always been at the core of my career roles.


I have known Fiona Laing for a number of years. Our paths first crossed while attending a lecture/ training day organised by the London College of Clinical Hypnosis.


What struck me about Fiona, is that she enjoys learning and fully engages with the subject matter and how it is best applied in her practice in Edinburgh.


Fiona is very knowledgeable with a skill to apply it when working with clients. She puts clients at ease and quickly builds rapport which allows clients to open up in an environment which is safe and confidential.


One of Fiona’s particular skills is her ability to really listen to the client which not only builds trust but allows Fiona to tailor her therapeutic practice effectively.


Due to the pressures of work during the Covid-19 lockdowns I had a stress related breakdown. I reached out to Fiona, who never hesitated to offer help. I recognised I needed an intervention. I worked with Fiona over a matter of weeks and did she make a difference?- Yes.


I am better and I have reframed my mini breakdown and now view it as a “Breakthrough”. Fiona can help support, however you have to take responsibility for your own well being and for me walking that path started when I reached out to Fiona.


If you’re reading this then I suggest that perhaps you should consider doing the same.


Kind regards,


Gordon Walker.

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