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Could Hypnotherapy Help Me?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

It’s a question I’ve often been asked. Sometimes I’ve felt the person had a condition or issue they recognised they needed help for. Other times, people were unsure whether they were in need of help. Perhaps they were curious about whether they would benefit from what I offer?

All my sessions are client focussed. They include tools and techniques that can be put to immediate use to help you make the changes and improvements you want to make. That’s why it is so empowering and accessible.

Recently I met a lady at a business event and we got chatting about our businesses. I was talking about the link between mind and body affecting the balance in all that we want to achieve in life. Listening to what she was saying I suggested having a session with me to see if it would help in her self-care. Afterwards she very kindly sent me this testimonial and was very happy for me to share it with you.

What I learnt from my first Hypnotherapy session with Fiona Laing Therapies

I think I’m pretty resilient. And can take a fair amount of stress. I’ve a husband, two kids, a dog and run my own business. Life is busy, chaotic and tends to revolve around everyone else! When Fiona suggested a hypnotherapy session with her it took me by surprise. My first instinct was that’s not for me. But I’d set myself a target in 2022, aiming for one self-care ‘moment’ each month so I agreed.

A few days before the session, Fiona sent me an email with a couple of forms to complete. They included a few simple questions and I’d to confirm what I wanted to explore or work on – for me, that was managing overwhelm and how I could deal with it positively. The forms reassured me that Fiona also complied with her industry’s regulations and best practice. My expectations were set for a professional and qualified session.

The session was online, over Zoom, and began with an informal chat, almost as you’d have over coffee with a friend but I later discovered this would be remembered and used within the therapy – leading to a very personalised hypnosis.

Fiona then told me a bit more about the session, how it would work and what to expect. It’s obvious Fiona loves helping people and is passionate about hypnotherapy. As we moved into deeper discussions about overwhelm and how I deal with it, Fiona’s many years of experience and qualifications became evident. There were lots of clear, simple explanations, memorable examples and tips I could use at home. Fiona quickly and easily built rapport, encouraging me to relax and be open.

The final part of my session was the hypnosis, which felt like a deeper form of meditation. A trance-like state is a good description. I thought I may find this part uncomfortable or strange but instead it was very relaxing. And the fact I was doing this in the comfort of my own home made it even more so I’d banished my husband, kids and the dog for an hour or two!

Fiona guided me to a personal visualisation strangely it took me back to a very vivid memory of my honeymoon which I’d all but forgotten in daily life. She then brought me out of the hypnosis and recapped the process so I could have it as part of my ‘self-care toolkit’ to use at home on my own. I felt very relaxed and sleepy – a bit like a post massage feeling.

Here are my top 4 learnings from the session:

  1. Overwhelm, stress and anxiety are common but knowing how to handle these feelings is empowering

  2. Everyone can experience these feelings to a bigger or lesser extent, at different points in their life

  3. Being aware of how you’re feeling and identifying any triggers is really helpful to managing your response and actions

  4. The benefits of hypnotherapy are powerful, even in just one session

For anyone considering a hypnotherapy session for the first time, I hope this has shed some light on the therapy. And I’d highly recommend Fiona Laing Therapies.

There are no paid endorsements for this blog.

Did you find this enlightening and relevant? For me to read how she had such a beneficial experience, is why I do what I do and why I’m so passionate about it.

Coming back to my original question “ Could hypnotherapy help me?”- in the majority of people the answer would be Yes! As part of my initial free chat I always establish whether it’s safe to work with you taking into account any medical issues.

If you:

Ø Recognise you need a bit of support to help and “Nip issues in the bud before they escalate.”

Ø Want help to achieve your goals.

Ø Want to learn techniques to build your Self-help toolbox

Ø Want to experience how good relaxation can be.

then I would love to hear from you. Click on here to send me a message.

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